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Watch Stands

Keep your watch in a perfect condition is a top-priority for watch lovers. Our handmade luxury watch stands collection enables you to safely showcase your most beautiful pieces on a high-end stand at a fair price.

Watch Rolls

Your watches need to be stored safely even when you are not wearing them or at home. Our luxury watch rolls have been created to ease your life on the go and avoid any travel damage for your watches.

Our customers reviews


I researched many of the watch winders available for automatic watches and this model stood out. My prior experience with watch winders has not been good so that is the reason I researched new ones extensively. I really liked the features of this winder and decided to take a chance. I have not been disappointed with my choice.

David W.
Los Angeles, United States

Used to place my Rolex on the bathroom vanity at night and if I don't wear it on a given day, it would usually stop. Many times I would just skip correcting the date, so that became useless. Now, I place my Rolex in this case each night and it seems to keep my watch wound ready to go even if I decide not to wear it for the weekend. Makes me appreciate the watch so much more. And the case seems to make it a showpiece. Very Happy!

Valentin L.
Genève, Switzerland

Well packaged. Good build quality and aesthetically appealing. The delivery was fast and the customer service has always been a great help throughout the whole order process. I deeply recommend Piguet&Son to all the watches lover. it is also a great present idea. It was a great experience overall.

Patrick V.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

First and foremost, this is a high-quality product. It operates absolutely silently, and all gestures are extremely smooth. Because of the noise, I had my previous winder in my closet; I can keep this one right next to the bed and not hear it at all! Every detail, from the packaging to the shipping, is first-rate! I’ve owned many watch winders over the years, but this is by far the most impressive.

John C.
Auckland, Australia

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